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Rainmaker Beta Update

by Bart Lorang
Monday, July 19th, 2010

Many of you have asked me: “Bart, when is Rainmaker coming out?”

My answer is simple: Rainmaker will be ready when we’re confident we’ve delivered a quality product that works.

Delivering a quality product is extremely important to us. Users shouldn’t find bugs that we knew about and didn’t fix.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been refining Rainmaker for its private beta launch. We’ve been chopping out features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. If a feature doesn’t work quite right, we either fix it so it does, or eliminate the feature.

In addition, we’ve been working out some kinks in our infrastructure. Building a horizontally scalable web application takes time, thought and care. Plus it takes writing code that is built ready to scale horizontally. Too often have I seen applications developed that don’t think about scalability upfront. Developers and Users pay the price later.

Those that have seen the application have been quite impressed with the simplicity and elegance of what Rainmaker does. We have also found that using Rainmaker can be highly addictive!

If you’re interested in the Private Beta please sign up now. We have over 200 organizations signed up already and we’ll probably only accept another 50 or so.

…Back to Coding… -Bart


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  2. That’s a development approach that I can get behind. I’m sure your product will be great as a result of your diligence and commitment to quality and sound architecture. Let me know when I can take a peek at it, and good luck!

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