Bart Lorang

Makin’ it Rain in the Middle East – Real World Stuff.

by Bart Lorang
Thursday, August 26th, 2010

The past few weeks Joshua and I have been visiting with several companies in Cairo, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey. We’ve met with Ford, Coca-Cola, Fairmont Resorts, ExxonMobil and SmartSoft, to name a few.
In between the boat rides on the Nile and the Bosphorus, the beer, and the smoking of the customary shisah, we’ve actually been working hard on our official launch of Rainmaker and have been conducting some real-world trials.Cairo Boat.jpg
We’ve been attending these meetings without any intelligence or information on the individuals we’re meeting with, other than a collection of e-mail addresses.
Thus, we’ve been using Rainmaker’s “Add a Contact” function to enter the information we know about someone prior to a meeting. The results have been fairly good thus far, often returning:

  • Title and Company
  • Pictures
  • Previous Titles and Companies
  • Interests and Specialties
  • Links to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profiles
  • Age and Previous Locations

While this may not seem like much, this information is invaluable when trying to build rapport with someone, especially in a foreign country. A few times, we’ve been able to spot the individuals we are meeting with when meeting in a coffee shop or restaurant. It also has helped us come up with “talking points” ahead of time. This helps build our relationships quicker, and helps us do business more efficiently.
All I can say is: Makin’it Rain in the Middle East. Pretty cool.

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