Bart Lorang

It’s my Birthday. I’m in Cairo. And It’s hot. So Let’s Make it Rain!!

by Bart Lorang
Monday, August 16th, 2010

It’s my Birthday today and I’m in Cairo, Egypt. As I write this I am overlooking the Nile river from the 16th floor of the Marriott. While there is some good A/C here in the room, it’s super hot outside.

Fortunately this past weekend, CloudCenter launched our private beta of Rainmaker. I encourage anyone who has Google Apps or GMail to check it out. We think it’s pretty cool, and hopefully you’ll see where the App will be useful.

In particular, when you give the App a spin, make sure you “Make it Rain” on a contact record or two. You can also fiddle with some of the settings.

My favorite thing to do is to automatically sync my Gmail contacts with my iPhone and set Rainmaker to Auto Make-it-Rain on New Contacts. With these settings enabled, I can simply enter an e-mail address on my iPhone wherever I am, then about 30 seconds later get a fully “rained-on” (i.e. complete) contact record back — complete with full name, title, company, photos and more.

Please provide us Feedback on the app as well via the “Feedback” link. It’s a beta – so there will be some snags (especially when it comes to the dreaded Internet Explorer 8).

I’m thirsty and I think it’s about time for an adult beverage. Let’s Make it Rain, everyone!

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